Adding Custom Stamps Support To Okular

Google Summer of Code is almost finished, and it’s time for me to wrap up and present my work done so far during this period. It has been an awesome, and fruitful journey, I really learned a lot and I enjoyed every bit of it. In this blog post, I’d like to present all of the work done, the challenging parts, as well as the future work that I’m planning to do. Before I continue to representing the work, I’d like to thank Albert for helping me through this period and for his great efforts and continuous support, it’s much appreciated.

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Update On My Gsoc Project


I realize it has been a long time since the start of GSoC and I didn’t write any update blogs on the status of my project, I’m currently working on Okular to extend it to have better support for custom image stamps. Right now, Okular doesn’t fully support representing Stamp Annotations, resulting in not being able to render Stamps or not being able to save custom ones so that other viewers are able to render them.

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Hello World!

Hello world! this is my first blog, I’m really interested in the open-source community and contributing to open-source software. So I’ll be mainly talking about my personal projects, the projects I contribute to, and discussing new things I learn along the way.

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